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Embroidery Machines from Melco

Commercial High-speed Modular Embroidery Machine

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Melco Embroidery Machine which include the EMT16X modular embroidery machine have established themselves as one of the leading brands on the market today. The modular system gives the Melco many advantages over a conventional fixed head machine.  The EMT16X modular embroidery machine is multi-tasking, out-performs every other multi-head in the market and will dramatically improve your embroidery machine production.

Setting it apart from its rivals, are the sewing speeds of up to 1,500 stitches a minute, the efficiency of handling thread breaks, setting up colours and reframing. So, before you invest in any other industrial embroidery machine please let us show you how the Melco EMT16X multi-head embroidery machine system can produce nearly double head for head, the production of other makes. Remember that because the Melco system is modular you can start with one head or as many as you want and then add on when you require.

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Scaleable to Match Your Business

Melco EMT16X Embroidery Machine with Single Head System Logo
Melco EMT16X Single Head System Embroidery Machines

Buy one machine and then add on as your business grows.

  • Modular Design
  • Laser Registration
  • 2 Year Full Warranty
Melco EMT16X Embroidery Machine with Two Head System Logo
Melco EMT16X Two Head System Embroidery Machines

High Speed Embroidery with accurate registration.

  • Auto Thread Tension
  • Cap Embroidery
  • 16 Needles
Melco EMT16X Embroidery Machine with Three Head System Logo
Melco EMT16X Three Head System Embroidery Machines

Flexible production to match your orders.

  • First Class Support
  • Excellent R.O.I.
  • Special Framing Systems
Melco EMT16X Embroidery Machine with Four Head System Logo
Melco EMT16X Four Head System Embroidery Machines

Double Your Production compared with Fixed Machines.

  • Mass Personalisation
  • Efficient Production
  • Less Downtime
5 or more Melco Embroidery Heads
5 Plus Melco Embroidery Machine Heads

Maximise Production compared with Fixed Machines.

  • Up to 30 heads per station
  • Optimal performance
  • Single operator

Melco Design Shop Embroidery Digitising Software

Design Shop 11 knocks down the barrier between your creative vision and professional quality embroidery. We’ve made profound improvements to every aspect of the digitising experience enhancing each step of your process from thought to thread.

  • More intuitive
  • More content
  • More advanced
  • More productive
Melco EMT16X Embroidery Machine 4 Head System with no background