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Drying Systems for your DTG and Screen printing

Chiossi Cavazzuti drying systems guarantee the highest quality durable digital end product. Their efficient curing processes, conforming to the latest safety and environmental standards, make their product a perfect partner alongside Kornit Digital for DTG production.

Chiossi Cavazzuti also produce garment folding systems.

Chiossi E Cavazzuti Speedy T Folding Machine Recommendation Video Thumbnail

Match your dryer to your production level

Chiossi E Cavazzuti Dual 1200 Dryer on transparent background

Chiossi e Cavazzuti’s drying Systems guarantee very high quality and low consumption of curing processes. The dryers are designed in compliance with the latest safety and environments standards.

Chiossi Speedy T Folding Machine with no background

The Speedy T can fold all shapes and sizes of garments. The blades  can be adjusted quickly, making it possible to fold baby t-shirts and extra large garments in a matter of seconds.