Kornit DTF Printers

Kornit Presto S – Direct to Fabric – Roll 2 Roll Solution

Introducing the most advanced single-step solution for direct-to-fabric printing.

Like its former Allegro, the Kornit Presto eliminate the need for external process steps, enabling you to achieve the best results from PFP (Prepared-For-Print) to finished digitally printed fabric faster than ever. Now, with the new NeoPigment™ Robusto Softener, the Presto is a complete solution for printing, softening, and drying in a single step.

With no water waste and in the smartest and sustainable way, the Presto opens your market reach to a wide range of applications. From fashion, baby textiles to home décor, the Presto provides high-quality prints, vivid colours, and great hand-feel to multiple fabric types, on-demand.