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OKI White Toner Printers

Affordable solutions for printing full colour and white transfers

Unleash the full power of your business with the OKI Pro Series White Toner Range of laser printers.
The breathrough in printing technology, allows this range of machines to print any colour including white to achieve solid, sharp and bright designs on a range of media.
An OKI White Toner Printer, combined with the Forever Transfer Papers will give your business the power to produce cost-effective, attention-grabbing designs onto t-shirts and garments, ceramics, plastics and metals and more.

Which One is Right for You?

Entry level white toner machine delivers stunning colour every time

  • A4 & A4XL printing
  • CMYW colour
  • 3 year on site warranty

For when A4 just isn’t big enough on a shirt, this model is by far the most popular.

  • CMYW or CMYK colour
  • A4, A4XL & A3 printing
  • 3 year on site warranty

3-in-1 solution for digital transfer pritning and hybrid screen printing

  • CMYK & White 5 colour
  • A4, A3 & A3XL printing
  • 3 year on site warranty

10 Reasons why you should choose an OKI White Toner Printer & Forever Transfer Paper for your business

White Ink

Quick and Easy

No Weeding

Wide Range

Forever Transfer


No Minimums

Low Ink Cost

No Maintenance

Low Investment

Forever Transfer Papers
Forever Laser Dark No-Cut - A to B technique

Forever’s lengthy experience in heat transfer manufacture, combined with the white toner technology from OKI make the perfect partnership. You can create perfect prints onto cotton, polyester, metal, wood, glass and much more.

Why should you consider this for your business

  • Low investment
  • Quick and easy production
  • Wide range of finished products
  • Cost effective
  • One offs to long production runs
OKI Forever Heat Transfer Paper

For Print Shops (OKI PRO 8432WT)

Digital Toner Transfer Printing

  • Maximise production with oversized A3 printing.
  • Grow your business with the ability to print CMYK + white and press onto a range of materials, including light to dark textiles and hard surfaces.
  • Get started quickly and cost-effectively. All you need is an OKI transfer printer, heat press and Forever transfer media paper.

For Screen Printers (OKI PRO9541WT)

Digital Screen-printing Transfers

  • Speed up pre-production by creating screen printing frames digitally.
  • Print using an easy-to-follow process requiring minimal expertise and training.
  • Eliminate chemicals for a mess-free, environmentally friendly alternative.

Digital Smart Screen Transfers (DSST)

  • Harness the best of both worlds by combining digital transfer and screen-printing techniques to produce high quality, durable graphics with a soft and stretchable feel.
  • Create detailed full- colour textile decorations with just one screen, without complex processes and expensive operating costs.
  • Expand your capabilities and improve profitability on personalise short and on demand runs.