Melco EMT16 Plus Embroidery Machines

Looking for the most productive embroidery machine?

The Melco EMT16 Plus modular embroidery machine is multi-tasking and out performs every other multi-head in the market and will dramatically improve your embroidery machine production.

Melco EMT16 Plus
4 head system

Modular embroidery machines versus fixed multi-heads

Over the years some of the larger embroiderers have dismissed the modular concept. The reality is that the Melco EMT16 Plus modular system will drastically out perform any other fixed multi-head system currently available. This applies to both large and small orders. Many of these larger companies have installed the Melco embroidery machines in their production rooms with amazing success. Some have said that they only require half the number of heads compared with their fixed multiheads.

Glenmuir, the renowned Scottish golf clothing brand have modernised their production with 26 Melco EMT16 modular machines to replace 60 heads of their fixed head machines. Their lead times have been reduced from weeks to around 5 days for smaller orders.

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Melco EMT16 Plus embroidery machine Part of Glenmuir’s production
Major features to increase your efficiency and work flow.

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Design Shop Digitising Software

Turn artwork into stitches before turning clothing into profits with Melco Design Shop Embroidery Software.

The most productive embroidery software available, Design Shop embroidery software offers it's users easy lettering and digitising tools that get the job done quickly whilst providing robust features that inspire the imagination.

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Special Frames and Accessories
Special Frames and Accessories to Speed up your production

Melco have recently introduced the Melco Fast Clamp. This frame is ideal for lots of difficult garments and embroidery positions. Easy frame football boots, bags, straps, dog collars and so on. The Melco cap frame is strong, easy to fit and gives a massive sewing area of 362 x 82cm. The Hoopmaster framing system is a must if you want accurate positioning of garments. Mighty Hoops, which can be used in conjunction with Hoopmaster are a magnetic framing system that takes the stress out of framing a garment.

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