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DTF Xpress Adhesive Powder: Application & Activation

Note: In order to use the newly released DTF print modes you must update your printer driver in Cadlink DFAPE v10 software. DTF is compatible with TexJet echo2, TexJet shortee2 and older models running Cadlink Digital Factory Apparel v10 Polyprint Edition.

How to update your drivers: How to get the latest updates in Digital Factory Apparel Polyprint Edition v10


Once printing has finished, carefully lift the printed DTF Xpress transfer film.

Caution: As the inks are not dry, tilting the film will cause the ink to run. Keep the printed surface as leveled as possible.


Place the printed DTF Xpress transfer film facing upwards, in a sufficiently big container, so it remains flat.


Apply the DTF Xpress adhesive powder on the printed area of the film. Distribute the powder as evenly as possible to obtain the desired coverage.

Note: If the powder has formed small pellets, smooth them out inside the powder container. If one of those small pellets reaches the inks it may cause uniformity issues.


Shake off the excess powder.

Tip: The excess DTF Xpress adhesive powder can be reused, so store it again in its container. If small particles have been dyed from the inks discard them and save only the clean powder.

DTF Xpress Film with skull design


Lift the DTF Xpress transfer film and proceed to activate the DTF Xpress adhesive powder.

Caution: Do not touch the printed surface and again, try not to bend the film.


“Bake” the film to melt the DTF Xpress adhesive powder, using a heat press or an oven dryer. You can opt between two alternatives:

  1. Cure for 60 seconds at 160oC (320F) using the oven dryer.
  2. Cure for 90 seconds at 160oC (320F) using the heat press hover option.

Caution: When using a heat press you must hover over the film and not pressed it, otherwise you will ruin the whole process.

DTF Xpress Print on film