Texjet DTG Platens

The following platen sizes are designed to work with both Shortee and Echo models in the Polyprint Texjet range. Each one has been created with a certain product or sized product in mind. They all have a “snap-on” magnetic mechanism on the back to make changing of them quick and easy to use.

Please note when ordering online we will supply the platen that is compatible with the latest Shortee2 and Echo2 model. If you are buying platens for an older model in the range we ask you to contact customer services for help and assistance.

  • 2-IN-1 Face Mask Platen

  • Shoe Platen

  • Oversized Platen 41 x 60 cm

  • Hoody Platen 33 x 27 cm

  • Standard Echo Platen 34 x 52 cm

  • Standard Platen 27 x 40 cm

  • Oversized Platen 32 x 45 cm

  • Polo Shirt Platen 30 x 43 cm

  • Baby Platen 15 x 15 cm

  • Sleeve Platen 14 x 30cm

  • Children’s Platen 27 x 32 cm