2-IN-1 Face Mask Platen

2-IN-1, Face Mask platen printing solution for Texjet printers.

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2-IN-1 Face Mask Platen

2-IN-1 Face Mask platen for Texjet printers

The all new Polyprint 2-IN-1, ‘Fit & Flat’ Snap-On, face mask platen has arrived opening up your potential to produce fully customised face masks as a new product offering for your business in 2021.

Expanding the capabilities of what your Texjet Shortee2 or Texjet Echo2 DTG Printer can already do with this fantasitc new 2-IN-1 Snap-On Face Mask platen.

Advantages include:

  • 1 platen that offers 2 setup options
  • 1 main platen
  • 2x FLAT type platen
  • 2x FIT type platen
  • Applicable for triangular face masks
  • Applicable for flat face masks
  • Easy swapping
  • Flat to fit

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