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Well Established

Your next steps will be looking to refine production and ensure greater profitability.


We Help to Clarify Your Goals

If you feel you would like some help with making your production more efficient, please talk to us. Over the years we have gained experience that could be of help to your company in terms of stream lining your production, the end result being more production and hence more profit. We would be prepared to visit your production unit and advise on the best possible route to fit your plans.

Kornit Digital printer with big print

Provide Hands-on Experience Days

On most of our products of our products we offer hands on experience days. This is particularly interesting if you are thinking about purchasing on of the Kornit products. You may look at the initial costs and think that Kornit is too expensive. If you have a need for printing over a hundred shirts a day, then we invite you to bring along some shirts and run them on the Kornit Avalanche. You will soon see how quickly you can print your garments. Because they have built in pre-treatment you could print around a 1000 a day with one operator. After your test drive we can then go through a return on investment with you so you can see how quickly the Kornit will pay for itself. It’s not just the speed but you can also cut down on labour with the savings that come with that.

The same goes for our Melco modular embroidery system. Assuming you have fixed multi heads at the moment, note the running time of some of your production runs and then bring along those designs to test out the Melco EMT16X modular system. Let us prove to you that 4 Melco machines will produce the same as an 8 head conventional embroidery machine. Please watch video for an explanation. Melco EMT16: Increase your embroidery productivity, with Amaya Sales UK – YouTube . You should realise that machine downtime is killing your production output.

People looking at Melco EMT16X Embroidery machines in demo room
Man looking through sample rail in demo room
Table display of printed products
Adam Barr giving demonstration to customers in demo room

Show you the Profitability You are Missing Right Now

Until you see this with your own eyes you will find it hard to realise how much money you could be throwing down the drain. Come and put us to the test, run your production and we will work out with you what you could be missing in terms of efficiency and profit.

Another way of speeding up your production is to introduce a workflow solution. This allows a path from your web enquiries direct to your production equipment. We are working with Custom Gateway to offer you a perfect solution.

Kornit Digital printer with big print
Man drawing workflow onto white board

Provide a Dedicated Action Plan to Successfully Improve Your Workflow

We will work out a plan with you that may or may not involve buying more equipment. Tap in to our years of experience and improve your peace of mind and your profits.

Getting Started

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call now on 02392 590 281 to discuss your ideas with one of our product specialists or book a visit to our showrooms to see what Amaya can do to help you on your adventure.