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When should I use cut-away backing?

Cut Away backing is a woven or non-woven material that must be cut form the fabric after the embroidery is complete. This type of backing is used to support the embroidery on the fabric during and after the embroidery process. It also prevents the fabric from stretching during embroidery. Cut-away backing is a great choice for knits or loosely woven materials. These materials tend to move and stretch. The cut-away backing helps to stabilise the material and support the stitches. Cut-away backing also has a softer feel to it. If the embroidery is going to eventually be against skin directly, consider using cut-away for a more pleasant experience for the wearer. As the name implies, cut-away backing must be removed by cutting it away with scissors after the embroidery is complete. It is best to remove leaving ⅛ to ¼ of an inch edge.