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Machine Connections Multiple Source

How to connect your cables to multiple machines

For connecting multiple machines to the computer, an Ethernet switch device and cables are required. The switch is a small electronic device that allows multiple devices to be connected through a network. You can connect as many machines as your switch will allow.

Melco connection cables

Video Demonstration:

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  • 1. Connect the Ethernet switch power cable to the switch and a power source.
  • 2. At least two Ethernet cables are required with the switch. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable into any port on the switch.
  • 3. Connect the other end of this cable directly into the Ethernet port on the computer
  • 4. Now using another cable, connect one end into a different port on the switch.
  • 5. Connect the other end into the cable port on the first machine you want to connect.
  • 6. If there are other machines, continue to connect the next cable(s) from the Ethernet switch to the machine(s).
  • 7. If all the machines are connected, you may now move on to Selecting the Connection.