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Forever Hot Stamping Foils Instructions

Only for Laser Dark (No-Cut) A-Foil & OKI White Toner Printers

Transfer Settings:

Hot Stamping Foils Settings Chart

Finishing with Hot Stamping Foils:

Preparation of the transfer:

  • Print your design using CMYK BLACK(4-C olor-Black*) & Press with B-Paper (See Table above).
  • Separate the B-Paper from the A-Foil while HOT, in a Slow, Low & Fluid Motion.
  • Cut around your transfer to remove the coating frame.

Transfer to textile:

  • Place the transfer on your textile & press together (See Table above).
  • Wait until the textile has completely cooled down, BEFORE removing the A-Foil!

Applying the hot stamping foil:

  • Place the desired sheet of Hot Stamping Foil on your design, cover it with a sheet of Matt Finish Economy & press together (See Table above).
  • Wait until the Hot Stamping Foil has completely cooled down, BEFORE removing.
  • Wash resistant up to 40°C (Cold Wash Cycle).

TIP: Use a textile to rub over the finished design to remove left-over HSF particles!
4-colour-black consists of 100% Cyan, 100% Magenta & 100% Yellow!

ATTENTION: We recommend Swing-Away and Pneumatic Presses! It is important to use heavy pressure for the best results!