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Design Shop V10 has an all new look and feel, providing a user-friendly experience that is both easy to learn and intuitive for the experienced digitiser.

Design Shop V10 Specifications

One phrase describes DesignShop V10 - User-Friendly. Outstanding vector compatibility, and 160+ embroidery fonts combine to make DSV10 highly valuable to the embroidery designer. Here is a brief overview of the most notable features of this leading embroidery digitizing software:

    • Outstanding Vector Compatibility Now, when you load a vector graphic into DSV10, a raster preview is automatically generated. This enables you to recreate the exact look and style of the design, including blends or gradients.

    • 25 new premium embroidery fonts expanding on our catalog of 160+ embroidery fonts, we've added a selection of popular, high-quality embroidery fonts and monograms. Purchased individually, these fonts would cost hundreds of dollars each. They are optimized to embroider beautifully on Melco embroidery machines. Each font was carefully selected based on industry demand. These are real embroidery fonts, not individual characters that require sizing, placement, kerning and spacing adjustments. In addition to standard alphabet characters in upper and lower case, these fonts contain numbers, symbols and euro characters.

    • EPS File Compatibility Compatible with current EPS files, backwards compatible with older EPS files.

    • File Support Compatible industry-standard vector, bitmap and embroidery files.

    • Thread Charts The latest charts from all major suppliers are built right in. New colours, and colour names are now included for ease of use and improved searchability.

    • Fully compatible with Windows 10.

Digitising features include:

    • UnaFill Splicer This will allow users to splice multiple directions of fill stitches for one object.

    • Auto Underlay Users now have multiple choices of underlay styles for any digitised object or font.

    • Object Colour Properties Objects will maintain colour properties so that copying and pasting will not require re-sequencing of colours.

    • Vector Graphics to Embroidery Assistant This awesome feature allows easy point and click conversion of any vector file to be digitised in seconds.

Production Tools

New production tools include fabric profiles that allow users to save design information, such as stitch densities, to specific fabrics or apply fabric profiles to specific designs. Also, design information may now be printed with bar codes. Use a bar code reader at anytime to recall the design, eliminating the need to search for design files on hard drives or disks.

LogoExpress - A Convenient Digitizing Option

This feature allows a user to link directly into an online digitising service portal with digitizing turn-around times as quickly as 24 hours. DesignShop V10 users can opt for the LogoExpress feature during times of heavy volume. (LogoExpress available in the USA only).

Hassle-Free Lettering

DesignShop V10 takes lettering to the next level with features like control point editing, expanded stitch editing and automatic borders. DesignShop V10 features sophisticated lettering capabilities for all embroidery alphabets as well as true type conversions. You can even create your own alphabets.

What you see on screen is what you get with your embroidery.

DesignShop V10 allows you to work in various view modes to see stitches, colors and final output simulations. The screen/project view gives you a pre-embroidery look at the finished product. Also, the innovative appliqué feature (the first in the industry) lets you position the appliqué pieces on a fabric on-screen for a realistic view of the complete design.

Scale, rotate, align, group and revise your design with a click of the mouse.

DesignShop V10 features the latest editing tools, plus advanced expanded stitch editing, auto sequence, auto lock stitch editing and many more.

Streamlined Production with Bar Code Technology

Easily create design information that can be scanned directly into your EMT16 Embroidery Machine using a bar code scanner. Here are some other production-friendly advantages to adding bar code technology to your embroidery department:

  • No computer experience necessary

  • Reduced production time

  • Produce orders more accurately, more quickly

  • Never reprogram the same design again



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