Wide Angle Driver Maintenance

Wide Angle Driver Maintenance

Maintenance will need to be performed on your machine to keep it running at an optimal level. Machine maintenance procedures can be found under the Settings Screen.

The Maintenance Screen will display procedures for the hook, weekly, monthly, and quarterly maintenance. Each procedure will move the machine to the appropriate location and walk through all the proper lubrications.
Hook maintenance should be performed every day before sewing and again after every four hours of solid sewing.

Video Demonstration:

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Setting up the Machine

Approximately once per year, the red wide angle driver will need to be cleaned and greased. The following steps will walk you through the procedure.

  • 1. Remove the driver cylinder from the machine and lay it upside down on a flat surface.
  • 2. Slide the driver ring fully to one side.
  • 3. Clean the exposed portion of the exposed slider bearing groove with a clean towel.
  • 4. Apply a thin film of hp grease to the grooves of the slider bearing.
  • 5. Move the driver all the way to the opposite side and repeat the previous two steps.
  • 6. Move the driver back and forth a few times to spread the grease.
  • 7. The driver may now be reinstalled on the machine or stored for future use.
Melco Wide Angle Driver Maintenance
Melco Wide Angle Driver Maintenance
Melco Wide Angle Driver Maintenance
Melco Wide Angle Driver Maintenance
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