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There is horizontal banding across print (in one or all colours)?

You are using a low (360 dpi) Print Mode. Use a default (720dpi) Print Mode. A 360 dpi Print Mode is the fastest but lowest quality where head clogs or misalignment will show as banding. The capping station is dirty and either not cleaning the print head completely or adding more debris to the print head and causing print head to become clogged. Thoroughly clean the capping station. It can be cleaned with swabs and cleaner. Be sure to clean the plastic around the foam pad as this is where the print head will rest when the printer is not in use.

Also be sure to clean the rubber wiper blades as these wipe excess ink and debris off the print head and will accumulate said ink and debris. Ink in the nozzle opening has dried out from exposure to air for an extended period. Do head cleaning and printing nozzle checks until a decent nozzle check is achieved. Perform a powerful cleaning circle and check if a decent nozzle check is achieved. A serious or permanent clog of the head may require replacing the print head. Please contact service personnel. Perform the basic and weekly maintenance task according to the intervals given in the description Run head cleanings before printing in the morning as well as printing a nozzle checks to gauge status of print head prior to printing onto garments.