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Setting Machine Speed

Setting the Sew Speed

This section will walk you through sew speed for your machine. This can either be done from:

• Machine Keypad
• Software Controls

If the software level prevents you from using the software controls, you will need to use the machine Keypad to change the sew speed.

Video Demonstration:

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How Fast Should I Sew?

The machines have extremely fast sew speeds. These speeds may need to be changed depending on the products or designs you’re planning to embroider.
When the machines start to sew, they will begin slowly and then rapidly speed up after the thread has had a few stitches to catch. The machine will sew at the set sew speed if it is possible. The machine may automatically slow for longer
stitch movements in X, Y, or now Z. Longer stitches, as well as higher thread feed values, may affect speed. If you hear the machine changing speeds constantly, you may want to lower the set sew speed to even out sew quality.

Sew Speed

850-1000 s.p.m.

1000-1200 s.p.m.

1200-1500 s.p.m.


Sewing using the Wide Angle Driver used for caps and micro (pocket) clamps.
Designs using metallic or speciality threads.

Finer detailed designs, smaller lettering.

Faster production.

These sew speeds a meant as guidelines and should be adjusted as needed.

Sew Speed Change from the Machine Keypad

To set the sew speed from the keypad of the machine:

  • 1. Press the Hoop and Up or Down Arrows simultaneously.

Pressing up will increase speed by 50 s.p.m.

Increase speed machine pad for melco

Pressing up will decrease speed by 50 s.p.m.

decrease speed machine pad for melco
melco machine pad

Setting Sew Speed in Melco OS

To adjust the sew speed setting in Melco OS:

  • 1. Click on either the up or down arrow just to the right of the speed

    • Pressing up will increase speed by 50 s.p.m.
    • Clicking down will decrease speed by 50 s.p.m.

set sewing speed screen for melco

Symptoms from Sewing too Fast

Sewing with too high of speed can result in a few undesirable outcomes.
Theses would include:

• Thread breaks
• Bobbin pulling to the top
• Poor registration of designs (designs don’t line up)

These symptoms can also be caused by other settings or applications. However, if you experience one or more of these symptoms, adjusting your sew speed could be a possible solution.