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Setting Colour Sequence for Appliqué

Appliqué elements can occur anywhere in the sequence of an embroidery design. It may help to look at the sew order in a run sheet or design software to make sure of where in the design the appliqué pieces are to be applied.

Video Demonstration:

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  • 1. In the colour sequence tab, begin setting your sequence like in a normal design.
  • 2. When you reach the placement stitch, select the needle on which you wish it to sew. Many times the placement stitch thread colour matches either the material that is being placed, the colour of the tack-down stitch, or the material of the main product. If matching the material of the product, the stitch can be difficult to see.
  • 3. After the placement stitch, add an appliqué command by clicking or tapping on the appliqué button. This will add an appliqué command to the colour sequence. When the machine reads this command, it will stop, feed the frame as far forward as it can with the needle still within the hoop, and wait.
  • 4. Continue setting the rest of the colour sequence as normal.
Melco Setting the Color Sequence for an Appliqué Design