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Loading a Garment

Loading a Hoop onto the Machine

  • 1. Install a hoop by sliding the side brackets of the hoop underneath the spring clips on the support arms. Make sure that the slotted bracket is to the right as you are facing the machine.
  • 2. Slide the hoop towards the rear of the machine until it snaps into place and the brackets are fully seated beneath the spring clips.
  • 3. Pull back gently on the hoop arms to ensure the spring clips are engaged.
  • 4. Run your fingers around the edges of the hoop to ensure that sleeves, collars, zippers or other garment parts are not inadvertently under the hoop. Balloon the garment out around the cylindrical lower arm. This will prevent other garment parts from becoming sewn into the underneath side of the embroidery.

Video Demonstration:

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Melco loading a garment demonstration
Melco loading a garment demonstration