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  • Schulze Airpress 4X Automatic
  • Schulze Airpress 4X Automatic

Schulze Airpress 4X Automatic

Fully automatic heat press



Schulze Airpress 4X Automatic

You need only position your textile on one of the 4 base plate, and the Airpress 4X will do everything else fully almost automatically. You will be amazed at the hourly output which is possible with the Airpress 4X. The heat plate is equipped with a safety mechanism, which counteracts the risk of any injury. You want to handle the Airpress 4X manually? This is also no problem. By throwing a switch, you can convert this automatic press into manual mode. Through its brilliant construction with four rotatable base plate, positioning and retaining at different stages is easily possible. Of course it is also possible to exchange the base plate of the Airpress 4X. The Airpress 4X delivered with a robust undertable included.

Available with and without cooling station.



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