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Speedy T Folding Machine

Semi-automatic packaging machine.


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    Folding Machine In Action

    T-shirt folding and semi-automatic packaging machine

    The SPEEDY – T is a folding and semi-automatic packaging machine. This product is indispensable for a fast and uniform folding of T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and other garments. The blades are interchangeable, very easy to adjust and adapt the fold to the required size, changing in few seconds the set-up from baby t-shirts to extra large sizes. The factors of its success are the reliable fold quality combined with its heavy-duty production capability. It can be adapted to suit all shapes and sizes available on the market.

    SPEEDY – T can operate in two ways:

    Stacking mode: each folded garment is placed on the stacker, which descends automatically; a photocell indicates when the stack is at its maximum load and stops the machine.

    Packaging mode: at the end of each work cycle the garment remains on the last blade, which is lifted up, and it can be easily packed in a bag.


    The factors of the Speedy T’s success are the reliable fold quality combined with its heavy-duty production capability. With over 800 units in constant operation, working on 5 continents, this revolutionary machine grants exceptional saving in terms of time and logistic processes.

    The moving blades have been redesigned and built with the new lightweight and resistant materials. A special anti-slip paint covers the surface, guaranteeing unseen results even with light or thin garments. The blades are placed on rails that can be adjusted in a few seconds without the need for further equipment, to ensure endless possibilities of folding and adapt to all sizes.

    The exterior design has been completely transformed, thanks to a solid and compact structure, to make it easier to access internal components and simplify handling. The control panel has also undergone considerable optimisation thanks to a simple and intuitive keypad and an LCD equipped with diagnostic functions, production counting and 10 custom folding programs.

    Advantages include:

    • Stacker Mode with automatic photocell
    • Packaging Mode with ergonomic lifting blade
    • 10 folding programs
    • In Customisation of folding programs
    • Self-diagnostics of anomalies and faults
    • Production count and report when has reached the preset number of pieces
    • Hourly production programming with acoustic signal for productions below minimum threshold setting
    • Language selection (Italian, French, English, Spanish, German)
    • Reset function

    POWER SUPPLY 230/115 V + PE
    POWER INPUT (max) 230 W
    AIR CONSUMPTION (max) 50 l/min
    TOTAL WIDTH 710 mm
    T-SHIRT FOLDER WIDTH (min / max) 150 / 350 mm
    T-SHIRT FOLDER LENGTH (min / max) 180 / 400 mm
    WEIGHT 90 kg
    PRODUCTION WITH STACKER (max) 500 pieces/h
    PRODUCTION WITH PACKAGING (max) 350 pieces/h

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    For more information or to request a Brochure, call us on 02392 590 281