Polyprint Auto Pre-Treater IV

Achieve vibrant colours, sharper details, and washability with Auto Pretreater Maker IV.

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    Auto Pretreater Maker IV

    Achieve vibrant colours, sharper details, and washability with Auto Pretreater Maker IV – an automatic pretreatment solution for dark coloured garments & polyester blends. The innovative and larger display allows an easy setup of the spray length, width, and amount of precoating. It has a spray area up to 40 x 60 cm which is controlled by 4 valves, that can be selected individually. This not only allows you to set up your individual precoating area but also save precoating liquid.

    A specific feature of the device is the automatic cleaning process of the four spraying nozzles, this will prevent the nozzles from getting dry or blocked when the machine is switched on. All of these settings can be stored in 5 different editable program buttons, on the touch screen display.

    This new model also features a dual precoat, allowing you to alternate between 2 different pre coats at any time.

    • 1 x 10L Precoating
    • 1 x 5L Precoating
    • 1 x 5L Cleaner
    • 1 x 5L Waste Tank

    Advantages include:

    • Touch display
    • 5 editable script buttons
    • Nozzles are flushed with a pressure of 10.5 bar
    • 1.5 litre bulk ink system
    • Graphical presentation of the cleaning processes
    • Automated cleaning intervals
    • Transparent precoating- and water pipes

    Spraying area 40x60cm
    Number of nozzles 4
    Number of pumps 2
    Nozzle Material brass / stainless steel
    Motor Stepper motor
    Dimensions T 90 x W 72 x H 48 cm
    Dimensions for transport T 95 x W 80 x H 61 cm
    Autom. Pretreat pump cleaning process Yes
    Auto nozzle cleaning option Yes
    Power consumption 2 A
    Connection 220/230 or 110/120 VAC
    Tank Container 1 x 10 L / 3 x 5 L

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