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MoZaic Vinyl

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Very easy to weed product so makes it great for all-round use.
The transfer gives a matte and soft finish.

The choice of two heat press instructions means that you can also print this easily on to most fabrics without any issue. The 5-second press option is also good for quicker production.

Available in rolls that are 50cm & 75cm wide, in 10m and 25m.

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    Forever transfers papers are only suitable for use with LASER PRINTERS.



    MoZaic is a printable PU flex designed to be very user-friendly.
    You can choose between a fast 5 seconds transfer time or a low 130 °C transfer temperature reduce your reduction time with MoZaic!

    Suitable for Standard Textiles.


    • Opaque printable PU with matt surface
    • OEKO-TEX Class I
    • Thickness (without liner): 75μ
    • Printable with Ecosolvent, Solvent, Latex and UV-Ink
    Temperature 130°
    Time 10 seconds for Polyester & Poly Cotton / 5 Seconds for Cotton
    Peel Type Hot Peel
    Wash Temperature 60°
    Medium Pressure: 7 seconds with tape, plus 15 seconds repressing without tape.

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    For more information or to request a Brochure, call us on 02392 590 281