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Mighty Hoop Lower Magnetic Ring

Mighty Hoop Lower Magnetic Ring

Available in 4.25",5.5",7.25",4.25 x 13" and Adjustable fixture 10 x 10" to 13 x 16"

From £80


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This hoop is available for immediate delivery for Melco Embroidery Machines, other Brands will take 2-3 weeks.

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Mighty Hoop Lower Magnetic Ring

Available in 4.25",5.5"

This is an extra ring that has less holding then the normal ring that comes with the hoop. The normal ring is good for thin to thick items, but if you mainly hoop thin shirts, the normal ring has more holding then it needs. This ring can be used for thin items and makes it much easier to remove when the embroidery is complete. This is not needed but can be a good option for customers that embroider a lot of thin items.


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