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The Kornit Vulcan Plus! Mass customization digital printing solution.

Offering the full package of fast printing speeds, excellent colour matching with retail quality finish. Low cost of ownership to maximize your profit from the very first impression.

Kornit Vulcan Plus Direct To Garment Printer
  • Around 600,000 Impressions annually
  • Built in Pre-Treatment
  • Retail quality, low cost per print
  • HD Technology with NeoPigment™ Eco-Rapid ink
  • Vivid colours with an extensive colour gamut
  • Low ink consumption
  • Endless design flexibility
  • Web-to-print enablement
  • Retail quality and Incredible hand-feel
  • The eco-friendly process complies with strictest industry standards


Experience the Kornit Vulcan Plus power for yourself!

Don't just take our word for it

The Kornit Avalanche Hexa HD6 has improved production through lower print costs and improved colour accuracy, but perhaps the biggest advantage is its printing speed. The Avalanche Hexa HD6 has improved our production speed by 84%, comparing to last year, and is something that’s driven change in every other aspect of our business.


Alex Cunliffe

Alex CunliffeCo-Founder - Inkthreadable

The new Rapid ink offers huge benefits to our print workflow. After several demonstrations with some of our core clients they have all commented on the vibrancy and softness of the print. Furthermore, the new reduced cost per print from the HD6 is allowing us to quote competitively on print runs that were previously out of reach from a costing perspective. We are printing larger runs with orders of 500-1000 units now being part of our daily workflow.

Nic Simons

Nic SimonsDirector - Shirt Monkey

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