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5 Steps to owning a Kornit

The path to owning a Kornit is often simpler than people think. With a well structured evaluation of your current and future production needs we can work alongside you every step of the way. By getting in touch with one of our experts we can start the process with you. Simply send an e-mail or pick up the phone, the answers to your questions are right around the corner.

Kornit Digital Roadmap diagram showing the 5 Steps to owning a Kornit

Don't just take our word for it

The Kornit Avalanche Hexa HD6 has improved production through lower print costs and improved colour accuracy, but perhaps the biggest advantage is its printing speed. The Avalanche Hexa HD6 has improved our production speed by 84%, comparing to last year, and is something that’s driven change in every other aspect of our business.



Alex Cunliffe

Alex CunliffeCo-Founder - Inkthreadable

The new Rapid ink offers huge benefits to our print workflow. After several demonstrations with some of our core clients they have all commented on the vibrancy and softness of the print. Furthermore, the new reduced cost per print from the HD6 is allowing us to quote competitively on print runs that were previously out of reach from a costing perspective. We are printing larger runs with orders of 500-1000 units now being part of our daily workflow.

Nic Simons

Nic SimonsDirector - Shirt Monkey

The Poly Pro allows us bigger print areas more colours more elaborate designs which isn’t actually something that’s been accessible to our core grassroots football market previously. I’m excited about the future with some really quite cool projects that we’re about to kick off with. The Kornit Poly Pro Systems allows us to really attack market places that we’ve never ventured into previously and that’s really quite exciting. The machines are quick reliable with very little downtime which is massively important to me as a business owner.

Mike Kent

Mike KentDirector & Co-Owner - Kitlocker.com

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