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Forever Hot Stamping Foils (Standard Colours)

Special effect foils available in 25 pattern colours.

Available in rolls 30cm wide x 12m

£9.95 per roll


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Foil material available on a roll to metallise a variety of printed textiles

Foil material available on a roll to metallise a variety of printed textiles. Suitable for use with Laser-Dark (No-Cut), printed either with CMYK or CMYW. With over 25 standard colours to choose from. Foil will only stick to where there is toner on the shirt so there's NO CUTTING & NO WEEDING! After you have transferred your image to your garment, you can then follow a simple 3rd step and add a special finish to the design. 

How it works:

  • 1) First print your image mirrored in Black ink onto the Forever Dark No Cut A Foil.

  • 2) Press it together with the Dark Opaque B Paper and separate whilst hot, to give you the base transfer to apply to your garment.

  • 3) Press the base transfer to you garment and then select your required Stamping Foil colour.

  • 4) Using a Matt Finishing Paper, simply heat press the foil onto the black transfer you have just pressed to create the finished effect.



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