Forever Transfer Papers & Oki

Low Cost Full and Single Colour Printing

No cutting & no weeding with no limitations!

Forever Laser Transfer Paper and Oki White Toner Printers form the perfect partnership when you require to print full colour on to dark or light garments and material. The Oki white toner printer comes in both A4 and A3 size and can also print onto standard paper. The Forever Laser transfer paper comes in several forms to accommodate printing on to most types of material and hard substrate. Forever transfer paper is very easy to use and is priced very competitively.You can create perfect prints onto material, cotton, polyester, metal wood, glass and much more. The Forever Transfer Rip can save you money by controlling the amount of ink used and provides a rasterised finish which again saves money but also gives a better and clearer finish. Remember that with Forever Laser Transfer paper there is no cutting, no weeding and there are no limitations to your artistic licence.


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