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Trace and Sew

Sewing your design

A general checklist for sewing a design would be:

  • Load a Design
  • Set the Color Sequence
  • Select a Hoop
  • Set the Machine Speed
  • Set the Machine Speed
  • Set the Acti-feed
  • Check Design Orientation
  • Hoop the Garment
  • Load the Hoop Onto the Machine
  • Adjust the Presser Foot
  • Position the Design in the Hoop
  • Trace the Design

Video Demonstration:

YouTube Play Icon with no background

If you have done all of the above, you are ready to press the start button and watch your design sew.

After the Design is Sewn

After the design is complete, remove the hoop from the machine by gently lifting the spring clips and pulling the hoop free of the hoop arms. Before giving the garment to the customer, you will want to remove backing, hoop rings, and any toppings used. This is discussed in the Finishing a Garment section.