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Forever Five Star Universal Instructions

For light & White Textiles

Printer Settings:

  • Media Mode: Heavy Paper or similar
  • Feeding: Multi-Purpose-Tray
  • Image Mode: Mirrored

Transfer Settings:

Automatic Heatpress

Manual Heatpress


5 bar / 70 PSI



200°C / 320°F

200°C / 320°F


20 seconds without fleece / 30 seconds with fleece

20 seconds without fleece / 30 seconds with fleece

Transfer Application:

  • Place the textile on the lower plate
  • Place FOREVER Five Star Universal with the printed side faced down onto the T-Shirt.
  • Put fleece on top, if available
  • Press with the parameters above
  • Remove the transfer paper immediately (Never take the T-Shirt off the press before the transfer paper has been peeled off)
  • For a softer touch stretch the garment into the width


  • Up to 60°C


  • When ironing cover the print with baking paper

Important Notice

Before starting mass production, we recommend to make transfer and washing test with all materials.

Important advice for double-sided printing on textiles:
T-Shirts for a double-sided print (frontside & backside), has to be put over the lower heat plate. In this case only one side will be treated with heat and you avoid that the applicated design from the other side will be pressed out again.

If your T-shirt is yellowing, lay a piece of fleece onto it during the transfer process.