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Looking to Grow


How to Increase Capacity

You don’t necessarily have to buy more equipment to increase your capacity. First, look at the efficiency of your production department. Make sure everything is in place for a smooth transition from order to production. Look for time being wasted when operators are looking for essential parts of the production line. For example, in embroidery, have your backing material already cut to size or buy ready cut pieces. As soon as one run of embroidery has finished, the next one should be ready to go on. On DTG, make sure you have pre-coated in advance so as not to hold up production. Make the process as slick as possible. Please ask one of our product specialists for help if needed.

Amaya Sales UK Nottingham Demonstration Room

Realistic Achievable Goals

Set yourself goals that can reasonably be achieved. Take small steps in each area to make your production more efficient. Look at the downtime when the equipment is not producing, as soon as one product as been embroidered or printed another on should be ready to load.

Melco EMT16X Embroidery Machine Maintenance
Placing shirt on platen on Texjet Polyprint Echo2 Direct to garment Printer
Pure harmony logo being transferred onto black shirt using Sef Metalflex Vinyl
Placing transfer onto sports shirt with Stahls Hotronix Fusion IQ Heatpress

Equipment Costs to Sales Explained

At Amaya we have a wide range of products that we could offer you to help increase your production. We believe that we have the products that will be a perfect fit to make your business more efficient. Our product specialists will explain the benefits than can help you become a more profitable business.

Melco EMT16X Three Head Embroidery Machine with garments
Printwear and Promotion Live Show Amaya Sales UK Stand

Next Steps and Action Plans

Let us work out a return on investment for you. You will be amazed how the correct equipment can pay for itself in a short period of time. If your equipment is getting old, then why not explore the possibility of upgrading for new. If you are in embroidery, look at the Melco EMT16X modular system, this gives you complete flexibility when it comes to production. On DTG printers consider setting up the Texjet in a modular form before moving on to the Roland or Kornit DTG printers.

Getting Started

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call now on 02392 590 281 to discuss your ideas with one of our product specialists or book a visit to our showrooms to see what Amaya can do to help you on your adventure.