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Sabtex SF-70 Extraction Unit (Large)

Portable Fume Extractor for DTF Transfer Printing.

  • Single-blower filtration for excellent fog removal performance in a compact format. Great for larger roll-to-roll DTF Transfer Printing systems & heavy users.
  • Captures the thick oily fog generated during the curing of the printed transfers.
  • Produce quality transfers for garments and other substrates in a clean air environment – your products and employees will benefit!

Other systems route the air from the top of the filters to the bottom. The SF-70 DTF fume extractor reverses the direction of flow, from the bottom to the top This allows gravity to assist in draining the accumulated liquid within the filters into the built-in reservair below for more capacity. This novel arrangement also protects the electronics and blowers from contact with the liguid.

Notice: Most inks, toners and consumables have expiry dates, please bear this in mind if ordering in bulk!

Forever transfers papers are only suitable for use with LASER PRINTERS.


Model Sabtex SF-70 Large extraction unit
Extraction Volume 660m^3/h
Power 230V 13AMP supply
Size Machine: 530x571x1366mm

Package: 690x630x1540mm

Weight Machine weight: 95kg

Palletised weight: 122kg

For more information or to request a Brochure, call us on 02392 590 281