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Medium Size Station 13 Inches Wide w/ Metal station

Great for hooping children’s garments
13 inches wide

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£155.00 +VAT

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Hoopmaster Medium Station great for hooping children’s garments

The Hoopmaster Medium station to hold the hoop and fixture while hooping garments. The Medium Station is about 13 inches wide. It can be used with all ARM type fixtures and the Medium adjustable fixture. It is 3 inches narrower than the normal station, so it works great for children’s garments down to about 4T. The FreeStyle Arm in the normal kit can be used to hoop small garments that do not fit on the normal Station, but if you do a lot of youth garments, the Medium Station can make hooping these items much easier.

Also compatible with: Allied, Tajima, Barudan, Brother, SWF, Happy, ZSK, Melco, Toyota, HoopTech, Durkee, Feiya, Axiom, Aemco, Prodigy, Phoenix, Consew, Inbro, Generations.


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