Kornit Avalanche HD6 Poly Pro

Introducing the smartest solution for polyester printing, the most cost-efficient, single-step process for printing on polyester! The Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro is the game changer the textile industry was waiting for.

Enables on-demand customized polyester products, no minimum quantity per-order.

Prevents dye migration and preserves original fabric properties

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    Kornit Poly Pro

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    The smartest printing solution for polyester. The most cost-efficient, single-step process for polyester printing!

    Join the booming polyester printing arena. Boost your profitability and win all fronts. Say goodbye to dye migration, limited design options, minimum quantity per order, and long costly set-up procedures. NO MORE COMPROMISES! Reach high-quality results on both white and dyed polyester fabrics and meet the highest retail standards. The Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro is based on the Kornit New groundbreaking NeoPoly Technology and is paired with the NeoPigment™ Olympia Ink. Together, they overcome polyester printing challenges while adding the many advantages of digital textile printing.

    • Based on Kornit’s new groundbreaking NeoPoly technology
    • Paired with the NeoPigment Olympia ink.
    • Enables on-demand customised polyester products, no minimum quantity per-order.
    • Prevents dye migration and preserves original fabric properties
    • Prints on a variety of polyester fabrics, including woven, knits, with poly blends (Poly-lycra, Poly-cotton) and different fabric textures
    • Superior white base opacity , which results in vivid, lasting graphics

    Advantages include:

    • A unique single-step process for both white and dark polyester
    • Profitability from the very first print, even for short run printing
    • Meet the polyester industry’s high durability standards
    • Meets global sustainability requirements
    Max Printing Solution Up to 1,200 dpi
    Ink 4 colors CMYK + White + Poly Enhancer. NeoPigment Olympia Ink
    NEOPIGMENTTM INK CONTAINERS Bulk ink system supporting 4 litre ink containers
    MAX PRODUCTION OUTPUT Dark garments: 85 Light garments: 106
    PRINTING AREA Up to 23.5 x 35 in/60 x 90 cm
    PRINTABLE SUBSTRATES Polyester, Polyester Blends
    HUMIDITY SYSTEM Integrated
    DIMENSIONS 138 X 91 X 67 IN / 350 X 230 X 170 CM

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