Forever Hot Stamping Foils

Used in conjunction with the legendary Laser Dark No-Cut product, Hot Stamping Foils will let you achieve amazing colours and outstanding wash resistance without Cutting and Weeding. Special effect foils are available in over 51 standard/pattern colours.

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    Forever transfers papers are only suitable for use with LASER PRINTERS.


    Hot Stamping Foil Tutorial

    Using laser dark for HSF Part 1

    Using laser dark for HSF Part 2

    Specialised Hot Stamping foil to give that finishing touch to your design.

    Specialised Hot Stamping foil to give that finishing touch to your design. Suitable for use with Laser-Dark (No-Cut), printed either with CMYK or CMYW. With over 51 pattern colours to choose from. The foil will only stick to where there is toner on the shirt so there’s NO CUTTING & NO WEEDING! After you have transferred your image to your garment, you can then follow a simple 3rd step and add a special finish to the design.

    How it works:

    • First print your image mirrored in Black ink onto the Forever Dark No Cut A Foil
    • Press it together with the Dark Opaque B Paper and separate whilst hot, to give you the base transfer to apply to your garment
    • Press the base transfer to you garment and then select your required Stamping Foil colour
    • Using a Matt Finishing Paper, simply heat press the foil onto the black transfer you have just pressed to create the finished effect

    Washing Temperature Up to 40°C
    Sizes available 30 cm x 12 m
    Suitable For CMYK and/or white laser printers.
    Wash & Care Instructions Iron garment inside out and do not tumble dry.

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