The Embroidery Market

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Whats Going on in Embroidery

You may have noticed...embroidery has undergone a huge surge in popularity over the last 10 years. Once seen mainly on caps and satin jackets, embroidery is showing up everywhere. Just take a look in any popular apparel store; you'll find embroidery on fashion items, licensed team apparel, bags, shoes, accessory items and more! Embroidery has become one of the most popular and durable methods for decorating fabric items.

One reason embroidery is so popular, is that today's technology enables users to customise and personalise virtually any fabric product. Computer controlled equipment makes it easy for users to create personalise lettering using dozens of different alphabet styles. Pre-programmed designs can be combined with lettering and embroidered in bright, durable thread-often while the customer waits!

Embroidery projects quality and durability, so it is always a strong seller. Businesses and corporations use the favourable image of embroidery to project their strengths with embroidered promotional items.


What's HOT in embroidery?

Take a look around and you'll see!

  • Caps...Embroidered in new ways every day, with bright eye-catching designs on the fronts and backs.


  • Jackets...Long a popular favourite in embroidery, virtually every kind of jacket is now showing embroidery. From teamwear to fashion apparel.


  • Team Apparel...Licensed team apparel is booming. Authored producers are embroidering college, professional and local emblems on all types of sports apparel.


  • Mixed Media...Combine embroidery and screenprinting for a multilayered colourful effect. A hot selling item and a world of new creative options.


  • Gifts...If it's fabric, it probably has embroidery.


  • Fashion...Embroidery lends itself well to fashion decoration. For thousands of years, embroidery has been a popular mode of garment decoration. That trend shows no signs of letting up. For a sampler, take a quick trip through your local fashion stores.

Advertising speciality companies are buying embroidery services.

The Next Trend...Embroidery is always on top of the next trend. Today's computer controlled systems give you the flexibility to create new and innovative products. With embroidery, you can offer your customers unique products that last, and stay ahead of the competition with popular favourites.


Who's buying embroidery?

Clothing Manufacturers | Schools | Retail | Clothing Shops | Sporting Goods Shops | Screenprinters | Sports Leagues | Gift Shoppers | Corporations | Children's Wear Shops | Tailors | Restaurants | Ad Speciality Companies | Teams | Bridal Shops | Clubs | Hotels | Laundries | Colleges | Uniform Shops | Gift Shops | Tack Shops | Bands | Auto Trim Shops | Trophy Shops | Interior Designers | Tourists | Hospitals | Advertising Agencies... and More!