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Texjet Echo 2

The perfect solution for fast and economic production of high quality printed garments.

From £10,450

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Better than ever

The brand new TexJet® echo² -Direct to garment printer – comes with new and enhanced features and many improvements, making it the ideal choice for start-ups and small businesses that want to scale-up. Prints directly onto t-shirts, polos, hoodies bags and more. Ideal for businesses that want to go beyond the capabilities of a direct to garment printer and are interested in batch and mass production.

Options to customise your DTG printer

Select the options to best fit your business needs and customise your DTG printer according to your production volume, sales margins and working routine.

    • 2 ink types - Dupont or Power Inks

    • 2 Ink configurations (CMYKW - 2xCMYK)

    • Sealed one time use or open refillable ink cartridges

    • 3 pre-treatment solutions, 2 for darks, 1 for light and polyester.

    • 2 RIP softwares - Digital Factory apparel or Texjet RIP

    • 10 t-shirt platens including 1 shoe platen

    • Screen and digital mix

Superior Print QualityTexJet Echo 2

Having quality as top priority is the key to success! The print head uses the smallest drop size of 3pl to achieve precise detail and allow photo-realistic quality prints that will make your products stand out.

    • Linear motion system (y axis) controlled by a synchronous motor

    • Vacuum sealed ink cartridges

    • Fine detail printing on fast speeds

    Easier to useTexjet Echo 2

    Quick garment loading with auto height adjustments, snap-on magnetic platens and pop-up guiding messages on display are some of the new features that you will love.

      • Simplified design that is easy to service

      • Maintenance free mechanical parts - longer service time for y-axis motion system (once every 30.000 - 60.000 prints)

      • 1-time use ink cartridges

      Features include:

        • Photo realistic print quality

        • Large print area (42 x 60 cm)

        • Unique pressurised ink system

        • Up to 20 dark or 40 white shirts per hour

        • Choice of sealed or refillable cartridges

        • Leave for 30 days without flushing

        • Precise laser registration for speedy set up

        • 1 year print head warranty (limited to 5000 prints)

        • Easy change platens - Sleeve, Mini, Standard and Max

        • Print on multiple fabric types, including cotton, polyester, cotton/polyester blends, linen, viscose, leather and more

        • Easy garment loading system

        • Reduced maintenance

        • Touch screen display



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