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DTG Printers From Texjet

Looking for a DTG printer that prints perfect images and is easy on your pocket?

The Texjet range of direct to garment DTG printers start at £8,450 and give exceptional performance. With a low cost per print, it's ideal for producing around 100 prints in 8 hours. Your DTG printing solution.

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The Texjet Echo 2

The new Texjet echo2 DTG Printer allows you to personalise your printer to fit your business requirements. You have the choice of 2 ink types, 2 ink configurations, 2 ink supply methods, 3 pre-treatment solutions, 10 platen options. It also comes with a 3 Years limited warranty. Also included is the latest Cadlink Rip software giving you total control over your designs and production.

Texjet echo2 DTG Printer

Superior Direct to Garment Print Quality
Print Quality
Teh Texjet Echo2 is an easy to use DTG printer
Easy To Use
Echo2 from Texjet provides increased effectiveness
3 Year Limited Warranty with every Texjet Echo2
3 Year

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The lowest Print cost per T-shirt!

The basis of your business success is defined by how many t-shirts you can sell per day and how much it costs you per t-shirt.

TexJet® echo 2 helps you sell more at higher price because of its superior print quality.

Allows you to enjoy the lowest cost per t-shirt that leads to successful growth!

What does cost effectiveness mean to you?


“Something that is cost-effective saves or makes a lot of money in comparison with the costs involved.” - Collins Dictionary

For a print volume of 10.000 t-shirts/year (50 t-shirts/day) TexJet® echo 2 is the most cost-effective solution. Considering all the costs involved (printer price, maintenance, spare parts, inks, warranty and labour) TexJet® echo 2 helps you reach the fastest ROI.

Production time for this print volume is less than 2 hours/day. Imagine what you can do in a full working day!
*Based on 50/50 darks/whites 25x20cm (10x8”) design, 720x720dpi CMYK, 1440x720dpi White

History of Polyprint

DTG Inks

We supply the leading Dupont Artistri Inks which are specially formulated to give optimal performance with our Texjet range of direct to garment printers. The Dupont ink can be purchased in sealed and refillable cartridges. We also supply Polyprint Power inks in CMYK that require a shorter curing time. There is a choice of 3 pre-coating liquid, two for dark garments and one for lights (including Polyester). In addition to pre-coating Amaya also offer accessories such as protection paper, swabs, pre-treat spray guns, funnels, cartridges and more.

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TExjet Accessories

We offer a full range of DTG accessories including Auto Pre-Treatment units, Platens, Rip software, stands etc.

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