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  • Schulze Supra
  • Schulze Supra
  • Schulze Supra

Schulze Supra

Available as 130 x 90 cm, 150 x 112 cm, 180 x 112 cm and 210 x 112 cm



Large format heat-press for sublimation transfers.

The Schulze Supra is a large format heat-press for sublimation transfers. This press is available in four different sizes: 130 (130 x 90 cm), 150 (150 x 112 cm), 180 (180 x 112 cm) and 210 (210 x 112 cm). Due to the two sliding tables (base platen) this press is particularly productive as the second table can be prepared for the heat transfer while the first plate is still in the press. In order to guarantee an equal heat distribution 18 temperature sensors have been installed. The vapours arising from the printing process are discharged with the take-off unit. To ensure an energy saving operation the heat plate are double insulated. For each press cycle a total of up to 136 litres of air is used.



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