SEF Flex & Flock Remover Spray

With the Flex & Flock-Remover, SEF transfer films can be removed very easily and without leaving any residue.

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Notice: Most inks, toners and consumables have expiry dates, please bear this in mind if ordering in bulk!

Forever transfers papers are only suitable for use with LASER PRINTERS.


SEF Flex & Flock Remover

We recommend a material colour test in a non-visible area to test colour and material compatibility.

If areas that are not to be removed have come into contact with the Flex & Flock-Remover and edges are peeling off, press again with the product-specific

An alternative procedure is:
– spray from the front
– press at 60-80°C for 10s without pressure
– remove the (lm and brush o’ the hot melt residue

This is recommended especially for FlexCut, FlexCut Atomic, FlexCut Sweet, FantasyFlex, FiberPlus and EcoPrint. MetalFlex can only be removed with this method. Removal of ClearFlex, Tatoo and FlexCut Nylon with the Flex & Flock Remover is not recommended.

  • Spray on the back
  • Leave to act for about 2 min, cover if possible
  • Peel the film
  • Brush off residues
  • Let it dry, done !

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