Forever Subli-Dark (No Cut) Glitter

With FOREVER Subli-Dark (No-Cut) Glitter, it is finally possible to transfer full-tone glitter colours to Light & Dark coloured cotton textiles, Wood and more. Without Cutting and without Weeding!

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Notice: Most inks, toners and consumables have expiry dates, please bear this in mind if ordering in bulk!

Forever transfers papers are only suitable for use with LASER PRINTERS.


The time of Sublimation Printing just on to Polyester is a thing of the past.

The 1-Paper solution for printing Glitter on light and dark coloured textiles without a background transfer. The fine glitter particles give the printed colours a particularly high-quality look. Suitable for fine and coarse-meshed textiles. Use regular sublimation ink and transfer your image to different surfaces within a few seconds. The strong colours and the unique soft-touch will inspire you.

Printable Materials: Dark and light Cotton and Wood

Benefits include:

  • 1 paper Solution
  • East & Fast Application
  • No Background
  • Extremely Soft Touch
  • High Stretchability
  • Suitable for Printers with Sublimation Ink
  • Available in A4 & A3
  • Image Style: Only for full-tone vector graphics. Not suitable for photographs and/or light colours

The Game Changer

Until now sublimation has been limited to 100% polyester. The revolutionary Forever Sublimation transfer media removes the sublimation limitations – printing sublimation inks onto cotton is now possible. Each of our sublimation transfer papers has been developed to serve a different purpose – for white, light or dark coloured cotton, with and without the glitter option. The strong colours and the unique soft-touch will inspire you to extend your existing range that you offer your customers.


Temperature: F 170-190°C / 338-374°F
Pressure: 2-3 bar / 29-44 psi / MEDIUM
Time: 30 seconds


  • Brilliant colours and intensive black
  • Suitable for printers with sublimation Ink
  • No cutting or weeding
  • High washability
  • Soft touch
  • Extremely stretchable
  • No background
  • 1 paper system
  • A3, A4, Tabloid & Rolls

The Process

Use a regular sublimation printer to print a full-tone CMYK design on to either our standard or glitter transfer media solutions. Transferring your designs to the cotton garment is a 1-Paper process. Simply print, press to the garment & repress to fix, as well as increase the washability. Adding glitter to your product offerings is as simple as changing the paper to our sublimation glitter transfer media. *White is coming soon. Printing White will require a special ink.

Washing Temperature Up to 30°C
Application temperature ranging from 170°C
Printing Time 20-30 secs
Sizes available A4 & A3
Printable Materials Dark, light Cotton and Wood
Wash & Care Instructions Iron garment inside out and do not tumble dry.

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