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  • Graphtec CE7000-60 Vinyl Cutting Machine
  • CE7000-60 3.7inch User friendly LCD display control panel
  • CE7000-60 Cutting Head
  • Graphtec CE7000-60 Vinyl Cutter Front View
  • CE7000-60 With Media
  • CE7000-60 Roller
  • CE7000-60 Power Switch
  • CE7000-60 Data output via USB flash memory without PC
  • CE7000-60 Expanded Cutting Area
  • CE7000-60 Data Link Function
  • CE7000-60 Perforation cutting ability, self adhesive sheet
  • CE7000-60 supports Adobe Illustrator Crop Marks using Cutting Master 4 plugin software
  • CE7000-60 Supports coloured marks and specialty media
  • Graphtec CE7000-60 Vinyl Cutting Machine

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Graphtec Vinyl Cutter - CE7000-60

Graphtec's CE7000-60 vinyl cutter provides cutting performance that guaranties accurate 5m length cutting, enhanced performance, Adobe Illustrator Crop marks supported and a user-friendly control panel make this vinyl cutting machine a key tool to take your business to the next level.

Perfect for cutting vinyl in various cutting styles

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Graphtec's CE7000-60 Vinyl Cutter

Graphtec's CE7000-60 Vinyl Cutter provides boasts a 712mm (28inch) width with a 603mm x 50m max cutting area.

Graphtec CE7000-60 Vinyl Cutter

Enhanced performance

Max. cutting force 4.41N (450gf) and Max. cutting speed 1000mm/s

With a maximum cutting force of 4.41N (450gf) and a maximum cutting speed of 1000 mm/s

(*1), it enables you to cut various media, whilst providing high productivity.
(*1) CE7000-130 / CE7000-160

Cutting performance that guaranties accurate 5m length cutting. (*2)

The media stocker helps stabilize the feeding of media.
By adjusting the pressure of the middle push roller to the media on three levels, it prevents media floating.
In addition, by using an optional special basket, stability in long cuts can be achieved.

(*2) In case that using optional baskets of CE7000-60/130/160 and cutting media and conditions specified by Graphtec.

Cutting performance that guaranties accurate 5m length cutting

Data output via USB flash memory without PC

When cutting data designed with Cutting Master 4 or Graphtec Pro Studio / Plus are saved to USB flash memory, it can be output directly to the cutting plotter by plugging in. This simplified work-flow enables users to operate without a computer.

* The USB memory format only supports FAT32.
Please note that NTFS and exFAT are not supported.

User-friendly control panel
3.7 inch LCD display and easy-to-use control panel support's 10 languages.

Improved ARMS for high precision cutting (ARMS 8.0)
The Advanced Registration Mark Sensing system delivers precise Print & Cut results by using sensors to detect registration marks and perform axis alignment. Countless efficiency-boosting features improve productivity for Print & Cut applications such as stickers and decals.

Data Link Function
(Barcode Data Management/Continuous Cutting)
By reading the Graphtec original Barcode, CE7000 automatically detects its linked data from PC or USB flash memory. This function is available regardless of which printer or RIP software is used.

* The USB flash memory format only supports FAT32.
Please note that NTFS and exFAT are not supported.

Continuous Cut
(Data Link function)
Barcode data management allows cutting different data sequentially by detecting the "Start Mark" of the new Barcode. Sequential Print & Cut process with roll-media is now available.

Supports coloured marks/specialty media
A wide variety of media types including holographic paper and reflective sheets are now compatible due to improvements of the ARMS sensor algorithm.

* Sensor may not be able to read certain combinations of specialty media and coloured marks.
* This photo is an image of FC9000.

Supports Adobe Illustrator "Crop Marks"
Using the plug-in software Cutting Master 4, Adobe Illustrator crop marks will be available.

Expanded Cutting Area
The expanded cutting area to include objects outside of the area enclosed by registration marks. Production efficiency is enhanced by reducing media waste.



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