Getting Started in Embroidery

How do I market embroidery?  

Embroidery's best promotion is SAMPLES. Once potential customers see their logo in thread...or their name embroidered beautifully on a garment, they're hooked. Embroiderers have a great advantage here, because they can create their own give-away samples. Embroidery is easy to sell, once you get the word out. In fact, most embroiderers report having tremendous "word-of-mouth" success. Here's a few ideas about how to get started. If you're starting from scratch...

Make embroidered give-aways with your logo
Set up a corporate gift or promotional program with local corporations.
Become the embroidery source for sports and fashion stores in your area...offer pick-up and delivery.
Create your own fashion line.
Attend trade shows, fairs and events to offer on-the-spot services and goods.
Contact organisation or teams that might need embroidery - show a portfolio.

If you're adding to an existing business...

Make full use of your existing customer base. Make sure they know about your added services.
Offer introductory specials and promotions.
Offer in-store "while you wait" personalisation or monogramming
Use embroidery to offer something your competitors cannot, like in-house embroidery digitising or mixed media products.


How much space will I need?  

Here are two sample shop layouts; one for a single-head shop, the other for a four-head shop. Though your space requirements may differ, keep these factors in mind when planning:

Inventory space
Adequate machine space
Work space or table
Hooping area
Supply area (thread, hoops, cap frames etc.)
Finished job area
Digitising area
Office and/or customer reception area
Expansion area (always good to have a plan for growth)


What type of equipment do I need?  

With conventional embroidery machines you have to decide how many sewing heads ( machines ) you require to produce enough embroidery for your business. You might need a single head, two head, four head and so on. It is really difficult to know what you want in a new business until you get started. Other decisions you have to make are… how many colours will I need per head?, what is the largest area I might have to embroider?, how easy is it to align the design?, how easy is it to adjust the thread tension ( very important for producing a perfectly embroidered design)?, once you have been trained on the operations, how easy is for you to re-train another operator? and so on.

With the Amaya modular system, that decision is made easy for you, you only purchase the minimum amount of machines you require and simply add on extra ones when you need more production.

Amaya comes standard with 16 needles (colours), it has the largest sewing area in its class, it has an inbuilt laser light that makes aligning a design simple, it has a patented automatic thread tensioning unit called acti-feed which takes all the guess work out of adjusting the thread tension ( one setting on the control software sets up all the needles on every head ), it has an easily adjustable presser foot ( allows perfect embroidery on most thicknesses of material ), its operating software is very easy and makes training new operators a piece of cake. It has its own training system built in.

Amaya runs at incredibly high speeds of up to 1,500 stitches a minute and will easily out produce any other machine in its class by at least 30% whilst still producing superb quality embroidery.

So please allow us to demonstrate the versatility of Amaya, and show you how it could save you money on your initial investment and make you much more profit in your business.