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Forever Transfer RIP Software Upgrade

Save time and money by using the Forever Transfer RIP.




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Save time and money by using the Forever Transfer RIP.

Using the TransferRIP you can create designs with a softer touch, better washability and lower usage. Making your printing costs lower and your profits grow! With the Rasterisation feature in our TransferRIP you can convert a solid piece of artwork into dots - this makes the print softer to touch, flexible, have better washability and lower toner usage. Available for all OKI white Toner Printers.

Features include:

    • Transfer RIP Upgrade (for a further 12 months)

    • Improved colours - new colour profiles have been fine tuned to produce better colours.

    • Better Black - The new colour profiles have also made the colour black better than ever!

    • Improved washability - The rasterized image allows water to travel through the design and garment giving increased durability.

    • Layout - This allows you to multiply and gang up smaller logos, plus scale and rotate designs.

    • Calculation - The calculator gives you an accurate cost of ink consumption per job before printing.

    • Substrate Preview - You can see how your image will look on different colour substrates.

    • Faster printing - The new colour profiles process each job quicker than before - saving you time and money.

    • Underfilling - This feature removes that annoying white line around your images.

    • White toner control - Save up to 40% on costs and achieve vibrant colours.



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