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Forever Laser Dark (No Cut) Single Sheets

Buy your A or B paper separately to balance your stocks

No weeding, no cutting and easy to use two step transfer paper

From £0.55 per sheet


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The ultimate full colour transfer paper system for dark shirts

A or B paper sheets available to buy individually to balance your stocks.

Advantages of Laser Dark (No Cut) paper include:

    • Transparent A-Foil makes exact positioning possible

    • Suitable for CMYK Laser/LED Printers and Copiers

    • Low substrate application temperature ranging from 100-160°C (212°F-320°F)

    • High processing tolerance, especially when separating A & B, give consistent results every time.

    • Better white opacity and stronger full-tone colours

    • Printing on almost all fabric types and hard surfaces

    • Extremely high wash fastness due to a special top-coating - Washable up to 40°C

    • Only the toner in your designs will transfer onto the garment, so no background areas are visible

    • Fine details and difficult graphics transferable without problems

    • Available in A4, A4XL, A3 & A3XL

    How it works:

    First print your image in mirror in full colour on the transparent A-Foil. Press it together with the dark opaque B-Paper and separate both sheets from each other while hot, giving you a transfer ready to be applied to your garment. The white coverage on the image from the B-Paper not only increases the opacity of the transfer on dark garments but also contributes to the washability of the transfer.


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