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Melco EMT16 Plus multi-head embroidery machine

Out performs all other multi-head embroidery systems.


Spread your payments with our leasing and finance facilities.

4 head leasing from £168 per week.


The multi-tasking modular embroidery machine that out performs every other multi-head on the market

The Melco EMT16 Plus is extremely versatile, it's multi-head configurations can adapt to all production demands. Head for head there is no comparison. The Melco EMT16 multi-head embroidery machines stitch independently, so each head can be configured to handle any job you throw at it. Start with a single-head and add more as your business grows!

The Melco EMT16 Plus is a computerised embroidery machine ideal for commercial, high output and multi-head applications. The modular, mobile system can be configured as needed for your specific situation. Melco EMT16 Plus commercial embroidery machines operate independently of each other, on the same network. Unlike conventional embroidery machines with Melco EMT16 Plus, if a thread breaks all other heads will keep running whilst you fix the thread break.

Melco EMT16 Plus commercial embroidery machines operate independently of each other, on the same network. Imagine running a large embroidery order on your multi-head system. Suddenly, there is a thread break on head number two. With Melco EMT16 Plus, all other heads will keep running while the thread break is fixed on head two. In contrast, all heads on a conventional system will stop until the problem is fixed.

Here’s another scenario. Imagine you’re in the middle of a high-volume production run, all of your heads are working to produce a left chest logo on a polo shirt. Suddenly you get an order for 10 hats, and it’s a rush job. With EMT16 Plus, you can pull a single head from the production run and set it up to produce the hat order without stopping production on the polo shirts. This is all done on the same system, using the same computer on a single network.

Melco EMT16 Plus Diagram

Advantages include:

    • High return on investment

    • Multi-head flexibility: Easily create your own multi-head system from 1-30 heads. Add single-heads to the system at any time, and configure your embroidery machines to match your production needs.

    • Multi-heads run independently: Even in multi-head configurations, individual heads can be setup for embroidery on different products. For example, you might have three heads running polo shirts, and one running hat embroidery. With machines running independently you can maximise your production time even when a thread breaks!

    • Laser alignment: Embroidery positioning is easy and accurate with laser alignment.

    • Increased processing power: More power means enhanced overall performance with a high speed of up to 1500 stitches per minute.

    • Reliability: EMT16 Plus is backed by a full 2 year warranty.

    • Up to 75% more efficient: Progressive speed changes combined with pantograph and needle case refinements make EMT16 Plus more efficient than previous Melco models.

    • Up to 30% more stitches per bobbin: Fewer bobbin changes means reduced downtime per machine, resulting in greater production efficiency.

    • Outstanding stitch quality: Embroidery has never looked better on popular products like stretchy performance wear or dri-fit shirts, hats, caps and more.

    • Large storage capacity: EMT16 Plus is capable of loading the largest embroidery designs.

    • Acti-feed™ thread system: Thread feed is controlled by MOS. This allows EMT16 Plus to deliver the precise amount of thread needed at any given time, resulting in the highest quality stitching at the fastest speeds possible.

    • Small, cylindrical lower arm: Embroidery on shirt pockets, socks, golf club covers, and other tight places is possible due to the small size of the lower arm on EMT16 PLUS.

    With a modest capital investment and just a few hours of training, you can be generating substantial revenues for your apparel decoration business in no time. Melco equipment requires minimal operating cost, keeping your overhead and labour costs low. ROI is achieved in as little as 11 months, based on an average of 5 embroidered garments per day, or about 45 minutes of machine run time per day.

    With our flexible financing/leasing options, a brand new EMT16 Plus modular embroidery system with software, training and warranty plan can be yours for one low monthly payment. Contact us today for more details and pricing.

    Real-world example of ROI with an EMT16 Plus single-head embroidery system: Purchase 24 caps at a wholesale cost of £1.00 each for a total cost of £30. With EMT16 Plus, you can embroider those caps in as little as two hours and sell them for at around £10 each £10 x 24 equals £240. That's enough revenue to easily cover a typical monthly payment for a brand new EMT16 Plus, from a single embroidery order.. 

    What can you embroider on?

    Polo shirts, hats and caps, beanies, hoodies, duffel bags, backpacks, tote bags, shoes, blankets, towels, jackets, leather, jeans, patches and much more!



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