Kornit Storm 1000

The industrial-level printer for maximum output at minimum cost.

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Maximum output at minimum cost

The Kornit Storm 1000, part of Kornit’s R-series, provides industrial-level digital textile printing technology with accelerated print speed at a low price, making it a popular choice for small-to- medium businesses looking to scale up while keeping costs down. Built for 24/7 operation, Storm 1000 will dramatically boost your print output without sacrificing on quality. Kornit’s Storm 1000 and Storm Hexa are the most cutting edge printers in the best-selling Storm platform, offering tremendous speed with maximum colour combinations. The ink re-circulation mechanism reduces the need to purge printing heads, increasing the lifespan of the printing heads, and significantly reducing waste and ink costs.

Advantages include:

  • Prints up to 170 garments per hour

  • Degassing system for smooth ink flow ensuring reliability and consistency

  • Eco-friendly process and biodegradable ink complies with strictest industry standards

  • Complete operational and production control with one operator

  • Print on multiple fabric types, including cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester blends, LycraⓇ, viscose, silk, leather, denim, linen, wool and more



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