Business Startup in Embroidery


Ready to start your own business? Looking for affordable start-up costs?   Want a business you can grow?  Well, embroidery is the answer! Embroidery is turning up everywhere - on caps, jackets, shirts, gifts, and more. Join us to be a part of this booming market. We offer a complete line of computerised embroidery machines that enable you to create embroidered goods for wholesale or retail sale. Our modular systems let you start your business at a size that's right for you and expand as profits grow. Interested? Amaya Sales UK Ltd. have staff with years of experience helping clients just like you, set up and run a profitable embroidery business. We can advise on such topics as:


The Market

What's going on in embroidery? 
What's HOT in embroidery? 
Who's buying embroidery?


Getting Started

How do I market embroidery? 
How much space will I need? 
What type of equipment do I need?


When it's time to expand...

Expansion capability is important to your business' future. All Melco systems are modular and, therefore, easy to expand.  A complete overview of Melco's embroidery systems;

Marketing . 
Industry Overview. 
Leasing / purchase options. 
Sourcing suppliers. 
Plus, you will receive our complete resource kit which includes all kinds of valuable information to help you get started and profitable in the shortest possible time.