Introducing the NEW Garment Film Starter Packs from Amaya


This summer, Amaya are introducing our new Garment Film Printing Starter Packs - the perfect introduction to vinyl printing for your business!

We have 2 options for our customers; the Garment Film Beginners Pack, which is perfect for beginners to vinyl printing, and for those who are more experienced in the industry we also have the Professional Pack. Both packs are great value for money and vinyl printing is an easy way to grow your business without a big up-front investment, which delivers professional results every time.

Vinyl printing takes just 3 easy steps:

- Create a vector image of what you want to print

- Cut your design as a mirror image on a plotter cutter

- Apply it to a garment using a heat press

Both packages come with user friendly software to help you prepare your artwork by turning it into a vector before sending it to the cutting machine, meaning that, no matter how experienced you are with garment printing, anyone can learn how to print using this method with ease. Here’s more information on the individual packs…

Beginners-kit.pngThe Beginners pack is the perfect way for anyone to break into the garment printing industry at minimal cost! The products that come with the Garment Film Beginners pack are:

The Silhouette Cameo Plotter Cutter

The Silhouette Cameo is an electronic cutting machine that can cut a variety of materials up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long; perfect for small start- up businesses. It includes a 12" cutting mat, a cutting blade, and 100 preloaded designs. It also comes with Silhouette Studio, a powerful program that allows you to create your own designs using your own fonts and images. The software is also PC and Mac compatible. The usual RRP for this is £240.

A Stahls Clam Basic Heat Press (38x38cm)pricing-starter-kit.png

It’s the perfect intro level press, which is great value for money. With a digital timer & temperature control, you’ll find heat pressing your vinyl prints a doddle. It’s also easy to handle and lightweight. The RRP for this is usually £450.

Both packs also come with 5x 4metres of MaxxFlex Garment Vinyl to get you started. Our high quality, high tack multi layering polyurethane film is suitable for all types of work. It has a thin & soft handle, is highly stretchable & great for small detailed work. In the pack, you will receive 5x 4metres in white, black, silver, royal blue and yellow. (Usual Price £90) Amaya Sales UK stock 34 colours for MaxxFlexx, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you would be interested in purchasing additional colours.

So the Beginners pack should retail at £780, but here at Amaya, we’ve cut it to £695* to make it easier for you to break into vinyl printing!

Professional-kit.pngThe Professional Pack is more suitable for those with more experience of the garment printing industry and perhaps want to add an additional method of production to the existing business. The pack consists of:

The GRAPHTEC Vinyl Cutter CE6000

The easy to use & reliable cutter! Its key features are:

-  24" (610mm) width vinyl cutter, making it easy for you to cut and print large sizes
- An increased cutting force (450gf) with new ARMS 5.0 System for improved Print & Cut.
- Reliable long length tracking
- A large LCD display
- The new Graphtec Studio & Cutting Master 3 software – a user friendly piece of software, making it easy for anyone to learn how to do vinyl printing professionally.
- Plug-ins for Corel Draw & Adobe Illustrator – so for those who are more advanced with vector software, you can cut straight from Coral or Illustrator!
- It’s also available as a desktop device, or with a floor stand, giving you plenty of options for where you can set up your cutter. The usual RRP is £1295.

A Stahls Clam Basic Heat Press (40x50cm)pricing-pro-pack.png

Again, it’s great for intro level businesses and value for money. It has the same features as the 38x38cm press, but at 40x50cm it has a bigger surface area, allowing you to press larger prints. The RRP is £550.

But we’ve slashed the price of the Professional Pack from £1935 to just £1795*!

And don’t forget the set of 5x 4m of MaxxFlex Garment Vinyl that comes with it!

If you’re interested in getting into vinyl printing but want to learn more, check out our video’s available on our website. Here’s an introduction to vinyl printing, and for those who are more advanced with vector and editing technology, we also have a great tutorial on how you can create an eye catching vinyl print using our metallic and flock vinyl, which you can easily charge a premium price for!

If you have any questions regarding the packs, any of the products listed, or if you would like to book a demonstration to test out the equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

*All prices exclude VAT