Easy Table Series from the Texjet Plus Advance


Exchangeable platens for different applications makes set up for DTG printing quick and easy – anyone can do it!


texjetplus_advanced-large_printable_area.pngThe Texjet Plus Advanced Direct to Garment printer from Polyprint, supplied by Amaya Sales UK, includes the revolutionary “Easy Table Series” consisting of easily exchangeable platens with printable surfaces from 15x30cm up to 42x60cm in size. They’re designed to speed up your workflow and to increase productivity. Not only that, but the ‘standard’ Easy Table comes with your DTG printer on purchase; just another reason to go with the Texjet Plus Advanced!


The Easy Tables are quick and easy to use, meaning that you can start producing your prints as soon as you open the box. The ‘Standard’ Easy Table is 34x52cm, the most common size used for printing tshirt designs. They have adjustable knobs on the corners to allow printing on thicker or thinner materials and a removable frame system which makes it easy to keep the t-shirt in place, eliminating the need for sprays or adhesive. The tables can be released easily and quickly with a simple lever that holds them firmly into place.

easy_table_series_drawing.pngThere are also a range of sizes available, making no job impossible on the Texjet – If you need to print something much bigger, why not try out the MAX Easy Table, at 42x60cm. There’s also the ‘Mini’ table, at 28x32cm, making printing on child garments easy. The ‘Sleeve’ makes printing on sleeves pain free and there is even a ‘shoe’ table available – great for high tops etc.

et-0Xk89C.pngWe also offer Screen & Digital Print Platens, meaning that you can combine the 2 methods of printing to achieve unbelievable results with high productivity! Just use the Easy Tables with the ‘base’ that has been specifically designed to lock together and make it easy for you to transfer the garment from one process to the other without taking the garment off of the platen! Not only that, but these tables can achieve absolute registration so that you don’t have to compromise on the designs you want to print. Read more about it further down this post…


And finally, Texjet Plus Long Printer is now available: Print on even bigger surfaces up to a whopping 41x95cm – think of the possibilities; print on large sheets of fabric! Please see below for more information!..



- Removable frame system – keeps the tshirt in place – no need to sprays or adhesive

- Easily exchangeable platens – no need for screws

- Thicker knobs to allow printing on various thicknesses of material



“Standard” Easy Table

Dimensions: 34x52cm

Applications: Most common sizes for t-shirts


“Max” Easy Table

Dimensions: 42x60cm

Applications: All over prints, pillow cases, dresses etc.


“Mini” Easy Table

Dimensions: 28x32cm

Applications: Kidswear, small sizes t-shirts, bags etc.


“Sleeve” Easy Table

Dimensions: 15x30cm

Applications: Sleeves, jeans, baby bibs etc.


screen-and-digital-mix-hero.jpgScreen & Digital Print Platens

Only available from Polyprint, you can now combine Screen and DTG printing at an affordable cost, allowing you to take advantage of the detail and flexibility available from direct to garment printing at the cost and productivity of the screen printing method.

The Texjet® PLUS Advanced dtg printer is equipped with the “Easy Table Series” system that includes the “Base” and the exchangeable “Tables” which are designed to lock together. The tables can be released easily and quickly with a simple lever that holds them firmly into place.

SDP.pngA second “base” is mounted on a screen print machine with the help of the respective adaptor. This way, the platens can be released from the digital printer and placed at the screen-printing machine or vice versa with absolute registration.

The simplest configuration consists of 1 Texjet® PLUS Advanced printer, 1-color manual screen printing machine, 1 extra “base” and 1 extra “table”. More tables and Texjet® PLUS Advanced printers can be used if needed to increase productivity or number of screens to add effects.

The platens are made from special honeycomb aluminum robust material also used in screen-printing that can guarantee the levelness and is resistant to heat when “flash cure” is needed between the prints.

texjetplus-long-large-printable-area.pngThe Texjet Plus Long Printer

Texjet® PLUS Long printer combines the reliability and high quality of the Texjet® PLUS series and the flexibility of printing on bigger surfaces for several applications. Achieve an even greater ROI through being more productive and innovative with sophisticated applications.

Texjet® PLUS Long printer has the option of 3 platens. All of them are easy to exchange with a simple lever. No need for screws! The largest printing area is 41x95cm which allows you to print on sheets, dresses etc.

texjet-plus-long-tables-Vr8DQ6.pngFor higher production, the double platen of 36x40cm allows you to load on multiple garments in one go. All the platens are equipped with a removable frame system with knobs which allows to print on thicker or thinner garments. Coming soon: the platen for printing on trousers!


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