Swing Duo S Pneu/Duo SX Pneu


Swing Duo S Pneu/Duo SX Pneu


The new self-opening heat-press with table [optionally], swing-aside heat-plates, two workstations and exchangeable heat and base-plates. The SCHULZE Swing S/SX Pneu series opens and closes automatically. As an additional extension to the Swing S/SX the Pneu model supports the automatic closure of the heat-press. Furthermore, the Swing S/SX Pneu offers a separately activatable pre-press function. Therefore you only need to worry about placing the textile in the heat-press.


The press can be operated through foot switch or by hand. For security reasons we use a special frame which hinders the press from closing at even the slightest touch. No matter whether you use the Swing S/SX Pneu series for umbrellas, bags or many other different products – the fast switch and set-up time of the different heat and base-plates will pleasantly surprise you. Optionally can be acquired a robust table.